Still one big happy family?


           After being released on Monday, a week after the incident, rumors has been stirring about Solange Knowles’ attack on brother-in-law Jay-Z.

While leaving the MET gala event, Solange attacked Jay-Z in the elevator. According to the video released by TMZ, Solange appears to be arguing with Jay-Z as she enters the elevator, then beginning to swing and kick Jay before the doors had a chance to close. During this escapade, Beyoncé seems to stand next to her man unfazed by this. Shortly after, they leave the elevator and Jay is escorted to a separate car from the sisters, by Beyoncé’s bodyguard.

Even Drake has pitched in with his idea as the cause of the incident. He claims Solange has been provoked by Jay! Some are even saying that Solange is upset because Jay attended Rihanna’s after party without her sister Beyoncé and even that she was defending her sister who Jay may have been overly controlling to!

            There were also reports that Solange had removed all the photos on instagram of her and Beyoncé. While on the other hand, Beyoncé has uploaded a series of photos of the two to clear up the suspected rift. It was proven untrue that Solange removed all the photos; only one has been removed of the two sisters.

     Whatever it is, something is definitely going on. It looks as if Beyoncé and Jay-Z have removed their matching tattoos. Could this be as a result of the now obvious rift between Solange and Jay-Z?

        Since the incident, the family has released a report saying that they are “working through” things and have also realized a happy family photo. In a joint statement, Solange and the couple described the elevator fiasco as an “unfortunate event,” without mentioning the cause off it all.


What were you trying to get a taste of?…Vince!?

Sooo y’all know Tamar Braxton right!? & her husband Vince!?…ok cool. Well, supposedly he’s cheating on her…& with someone she knows!?! I don’t know how to feel about all this. Vince isn’t the biggest catch, appearance wise! Recently she posted a few Instagram posts subliminally speaking out on it… One thing being said (don’t think it’s word for word), ‘Don’t let chicks in your home. They just want to see what you have.’ Tamar girl, I don’t know what to say man! If this is true, Vince has ALOT of explaining and pleading to do. y’all know ole girl don’t play! 😂😂 welp, I’ll keep you guys updated on the news Glitterbugs!!




Allegedly 2Chainz & friend Cam 1 are being sued by a new “over night celebrity!”

Tina, a regular woman, is aiming to sue for her reputation being ruined. She supposedly was in contact with his friend Cam 1 on instagram prior to one of 2Chainz concert. In a video that went viral this week, Tina is backstage looking for Cam 1. The video was titled #ISTHISYOTHOT as 2Chainz is asking Is this yo thot?! In the video, after being informed that she was being recorded, Tina did not seem to give 2 damns and goes off to shoutout her instagram…(supposedly @luvtina) *if you guys are curious.* She is now hoping to get an interview on The Breakfast Club to give her input on the situation. lmao this girl is pure comedy. But it doesn’t end there…KEEP READING…

As she calls herself an overnight celebrity and mentions being #thenewKimK lmaoo, Tina says that she will be appearing in Vibe magazine soon…This must be some kind of sick joke! This girl is using being a groupie for fame, but hey you get it how you live right?! Can’t wait to see the outcome of this. If she wins or loses the lawsuit, homegirl just got her some fame!

Now when you see the cameras rolling, ask aroundImage, #isthisyothot lmaooo

Nicki Minaj degrading women. You are to…well if you listen to her new song! Think otherwise? well check out this article!



My movement…LipstickOnTheWall



 Lipstickonthewall is a growing movement within the female community supporting women in every aspect and area of life. I started it when I came to a realization that women do not get enough credit for the positive things that we do. Many of us are in school, working, being entrepreneurs/business owners, and things of such. I was inspired by females like you and I. The motto, “Leave your stain & Don’t let your lipstick fade, “ adds a feminine touch to what this movement is all about, to leave a positive expression/name and don’t let anything you do fade or go without being recognized. Lipstickonthewall encourages all supporters. It is not an overly feminist movement as men are welcomed to support our women as well. I encourage hashtaging #lipstickonthewall on all social media to help this movement to continue to grow.


My interview with The FashionChamp: Taylor Williams

  • When did you realize women do not get enough recognition?

I realized this just from being around my peers and observing social networks and noticing that there’s a lot of women that are doing so much with themselves that we do not know of. For example with the well-known, “Black Girls Rock,” there’s so many females that are making a difference and many of us never knew them before the awards yet we know of many influential men.

  • What is your personal “Lipstickonthewall” movement that you are leaving your stain on?
I am still working on leaving my stain but just succeeding in college, working, creating this movement on my own, and being a motivational speaker to younger girls around me, is leaving my stain. Just striving to be someone others can admire, is leaving a great mark.
  • I know you mention lipstickonthewall as a movement but will there be lipstickonthewall events or seminars ext? 
Yes there will be. It will take a lot of time and effort but I am not putting a time limit on that. I do plan to have seminars where older females can speak to younger girls and serve as an inspiration as well as events that can showcase some females great contributions. I also plan to encourage community service events pertaining to women as well as attend walks such as the annual breast cancer walk in NYC.
  • Where do you see lipstickonthewall by the end of this year?

I hopefully see lipstickonthewall to have a great following and encourage more females to be great. I want it to be a movement that is constantly spoken about and with a positive image. I will take it a step at a time.

Every girls fave…MAKEUP

Hello Glitterbugs,

We all love it, adore it & love playing in it but…

some of you girls just don’t get it! Nothing wrong with that, we’re all learning (I’m definitely NOT a professional) BUT, no way is it acceptable to be looking like the clown you ran from as a child. lol. Recently I saw a photo on instagram that just blew my mind away…it was literally one of those, “have to call/text your best friend ASAP” type of moments…which i did. Hey Tiff!! & we just in shock. Now the photo consisted of just all the makeup DON’TS known to man…it was THAT bad!

1. BLEND!!! make it your favorite word! Say it with me! 1-2 shades lighter for a highlight is fine; not 10 shades! it looks horrible! (now the person took a photo with flash, & idk why they figured it looked ok for instagram, is beyond me!)

2. As i stated, please no too light concealer. stores allow you to test makeup. so take advantage of it! don’t waste your money or your better judgement.

3. Now this may not be a rule but my best friend will hopefully tell me when I look like i did my makeup in a dark room of a dungeon. Get better company! If you’re friends or people you associate with constantly, can’t tell you that your makeup is off EVERYDAY, then they just don’t like you or they can just be insecure about themselves (but that’s another subject)

4. if you highlight (the right way), you HAVE to contour! duhhh H&C!! or else you just look like a ghost…& NO ONE wants that…NO ONE..unless you’re auditioning to be Uncle Magic’s assistant…i kid i kid!

5. Lipstick: choose the right NUDE! who wants ashy looking lips?! isn’t that the whole point of a moisturizing lipstick?

6. & DON’T, i repeat DON’T leave the concealer around your eyebrows, WHITE! if you are unsure how to do the highlighting effect, use a concealer that is your color just to clean it up, or none at all & just use a wet flat brush to clean up the shape. It looks silly! the point of filling in, is to look naturally while enhancing your eyebrows! In saying this, no Nike check marks or geometric shaped eyebrows! PLEASE NO!!

7. PRACTICE & get it right! Take pictures, watch tutorials, ask gurus questions! Don’t walk out your door looking like your 4-year-old sister was using your face as a canvas!

* I could go on & on but these are just based on what I’ve seen. Below is a peek of how I like my makeup looks…& a little Facebook rant between Tiff & I once we discovered that horrid photograph! This wasn’t to offend so please take it lightly & be sure to comment & like this. I promise I don’t bite & I’m here to help as well…hence this post! Love you Glitterbugs! 

photo 3

 photo 2photo 1

10 to Zen

Zen is a school of Mahayana Buddhism that developed in China during the 6th century as Chán.The word Zen is derived from the Japanese pronunciation of the Middle Chinese word 禪 (dʑjen) (pinyin: Chán), which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word dhyāna,[3] which can be approximately translated as “absorption” or “meditative state”.

In honor of the first day of Lent, Ash Wednesday (yes I am Roman Catholic, born & raised), I figured it would only be right that i feature a “10 to Zen.” We can always use a better way of living despite the Lenten season. As of today, I will be trying my best to get to this mindset of Zen, so I would like to share this with you. Healthy living starts from the inside (not just what we eat but the fruits we produce 🙂 ) Here goes! (P.S. no although this is from a school of Buddhism, I am not going against my Religion)


1. Let Go of Comparing

2. Let Go of Competing

3. Let Go of Judgement

4. Let Go of Anger

5. Let Go of Regrets

6. Let Go of Worrying

7. Let Go of Blame

8. Let Go of Guilt

9. Let Go of Fear

10. Have a proper belly laugh at least once a day (especially if it’s about your inability to let go of any or all of the above).

Nail art fanatics…you MUST try!

Hello glitterbugs, This just happens to be my first post as I am now trying to get acquainted to this WordPress thing…Plus I haven’t blogged in AGES! Well I was just browsing pintrest, channeling my inner creativity (a bettering of my self for LENT *is bettering a word?-_-) & it just had me like what??! is this possible?! i’ve been looking for the perfect matte nail polishes forever! Little did I know it can be made with the contents in my kitchen…which my mom would prob kill me for using her cooking products but still need fab nails right?! Well here goes! Enjoy glitterbugs (hope my readers like that name…awkward)Image